Friday, August 28, 2009

Sometimes They Come Back

I'm not a big celebrity fan. Of course, I like movies and shows and I like to know who's performing in certain roles, if I've seen them before, etc. But I don't particularly care what the stars do on their own time. Really, it's none of my business. I don't want them checking me out when I least expect it..
I am aware of when a celebrity passes away only because I hear it on the news or see it in a paper. Sometimes I know who it is, sometimes I care.
Sometimes, they don't stay dead.
Here's what I mean, by example. Years ago, I heard that Roddy McDowell died. It was a little sad. Then I heard that Malcolm McDowell died a few years later. That was sad, too. Then I was shocked to see Malcolm McDowell in a new movie/show. I was in shock and asked my friend if he had heard about Malcolm's death? No, he thought I was mistaken.
I was so sure... And it wasn't so close after Roddy McDowell's passing that I could have gotten them confused; no, I'm certain it was a separate event.
It's happened several times before. I recall when Jackie Gleason died thinking, "he had passed years ago?" I know it's easy to think that I'm just confused. From time-to-time, I think I must be mad. I usually conceed, and just shake my head and wonder at how I could have gotten it so wrong. I've been tempted to start keeping a scrapbook, just so I can reference what I recall happening versus what's actually happened.

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