Saturday, July 3, 2010

Eye Spy Two

There are trees lining the street outside my house. I walk to the transit, I walk to the grocery store, I walk just about everywhere. I'm always grateful for the trees outside; they provide ample shade and protection from the elements. I sometimes talk to them and touch them.
I turn and check the street for oncoming traffic as I cross; it's one-way so I always give one last check just to be sure someone hasn't pulled out suddenly. It's really nothing more than a glance, letting movement catch my eye more than detail.
1) I see a figure in the boughs of a tree to my left, hanging, visible from the waist down. There are shady figures turning and walking away from the scene, away from me. I stop to get a better view and the shadowy figures fade away. Lastly, the legs/waist just absorb into the tree. The whole encounter lasts about 5 seconds, which is much longer than you might think.
2) I see a figure leaning against a tree to my right, watching me. He's dressed in slacks and a casual shirt, more modern than archaic. His arms are crossed and he's just watching as I cross diagonally, watching him watch me. He has dark hair and eyes, olive/brown skin, and an athletic build. I turn away but something makes me want to get a second look? I turn back and he's gone. There's no one on the sidewalk, no one running away, no one within 50 yards of the tree.