Sunday, August 16, 2009


I was unemployed at the time and extremely depressed. It seemed everything I did was wrong or failed in some way. I had all but given up and was just wandering through my days in a daze.
I had decided to go through all my old books and see if there was something I could sell to raise a few bucks to pay the rent one more month. I came across some Lovecraft that I hoped I could get cover value for, at least (hint: I couldn't). So I started rereading those books, one last time before trying to sell them.
I woke one night from a nightmare. Smiling, I thanked old Howard Phillips for waking me up. It was warm that night and I ended up getting up and watching some TV, checking email, and having a cool drink before trying to get back to sleep.
With my eyes on the computer screen, I saw something "sit up" through the ceiling (that is, the ceiling what this thing's floor), look at me, and lay back down. As I looked up, it "sank" through the ceiling. Although the hairs on my neck stood up, I didn't feel like I was in any danger.
A few days later, I was trying to get to sleep when I had the feeling that I was being watched. I opened my eyes and saw a figure clinging to the walls in the upper corner of the room, "looking" down at me. I couldn't tell if it had eyes or not. It was gangly and moved like a spider. But the biggest feature was it's toothy smile. Like a pit bull, it's head was mostly mouth. It cocked it's head at me and "sniffed" the air. Then, in a blur, it crawled out the open window. I sat up. It happened so fast and was dark in my room.. did it really happen? Had the horror books I'd read had a lasting effect? As much as I brushed it off as my imagination, I also got up and watched TV for a while.
In retrospect, it's very likely that I did see something. How easy it was to shrug it off as a dark imagining. And the mental balm of getting lost in something that would make me laugh was soothing enough to go back to bed.

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  1. Evidently HP did a lot of drugs to be able to see such things... Delightfuly vivid and creepy.