Thursday, November 19, 2009


Growing up, my primary mode of transportation was my own two legs. Whether walking, running, or biking, I tended to rely upon myself to get from place to place. My friend and I took turns going back and forth to each others' house, about a mile or so apart. I ran errands to the grocery store. I walked to rehearsals. Unless it was raining (and sometimes even then), I was on foot.
I noticed that the traffic lights were not functioning properly one day. There was a police officer manually changing the lights while workers were repairing the malfunction. I got to see the inside of a control box for the automatic traffic light switch. I started paying more and more attention to those boxes; if I could control them, I could bring traffic to a stand-still. mwahahaha! Or, I could make sure we had all green lights when traveling by car. Nifty!
I starting trying to figure out if I could, somehow, control them with my mind. I imagined that I was sending out 'pulses' with my mind, similar to Aquaman on the SuperFriends cartoons. By coaxing or commanding, eventually the light would change. In my mind's eye, I could see the switch moving and hear the characteristic chinks as the mechanism caused the light to change.
At first, I knew it was just coincidence. But I kept at it. Eventually, I began to suspect that I was actually changing the light. Then I knew I was.
Mom was driving us on errands one day. The traffic light we approached had just changed and a timer was involved; it would take approximately 3 minutes for the light to change again (she had timed it; she read that turning the car off for long lights could save on gas so she had timed several lights to see what the cost savings might be). Having just missed the light and knowing we were somewhat pressed for time, I concentrated and the light changed. Not only did it change for us but the whole process of the other light changing from green to yellow to red and our light changing from red to green went much faster than usual -- some cars squeeled as they braked, caught off guard by the sudden change.
Mom was shocked at the light that day. I sat in the passenger seat and looked at the cars caught in the intersection. I made a vow to only use my evil powers for good. Mostly.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

On Expectations

I try to live my life without expectations. I have learned that want often leads to disappointment. If I can release the want, I can ease the disappointment.
For example, I can count on one hand the number of times I have celebrated my birthday ON my birthday. On becoming an adult, I can likewise count the number of Christmases my family celebrated on Christmas Day. I learned, eventually, to not fret the trivialities of the calendar. The danger, then, is that I do not have the same expectations for time/space as other people, namely my employer.
Getting stood up on a date, then, leads to disappointment not in being alone but in missing an opportunity to spend time with a (potential) friend. Being rather good at entertaining myself and not afraid to see a movie by myself or eat dinner alone, I am used to being on my own. Sometimes that's preferable; sometimes company is nice.
Sometimes the Loneliness Daemon tries to sink his teeth in; I can defend myself pretty well. On getting stood up, I have to determine if the person is honest when they belatedly apologize; an honest man deserves another chance.
Cutting the expectation lessens the disappointment. Sometimes people will misunderstand but that's something I will have to deal with. And not get disappointed by.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Do You Know Reiki?

I decided to go out to a local establishment that serves adult beverages one night. While wandering around, looking for someone I might know, I continually ran into the same person. Coincidence? He claimed it was. Despite this, we struck up a conversation.
Since working on my energies and managing the energies around me, I have become intently aware of the primary energies of those around me. His energy was like a feast for me. I had to be very careful not to completely drain him.
Well, I did a pretty good job of that but.. he was a little woozy. Since neither of us were drinking adult beverages, I figured I had taken the energy he was putting out there. So, I began to put some back. He sat upright and asked if I knew Reiki?
Now, I admit, I could have taken an online course (but haven't). Instead, all the energy work I have done gives me some insight to moving energy around. Putting (some of) his energy back was a piece of cake; that he could feel it, surprising. Most people are so clogged energetically that they wouldn't notice the flow of energy. He was aware of his energies, which lead to more talking.
He had seen me earlier and wanted to talk to me. He stated the energies of the people in bars tends to be an antithesis to him but I was different. Although he didn't intentionally track me, he kept finding me in a crowded bar. While refreshing to talk to someone who was sensitive to energies, I needed to leave. He was right about the massively clogged masses who go to bars and it was unpleasant... like being in a cesspool. Sure, you can muck about but who wants to intentionally do that?
Going out was rarely fun for me; lately, it has been a bit of a chore.