Saturday, August 21, 2010

It's Creepy in the Dark

I decided I needed a relaxing day at the spa. Which, for me, equates to going to the gym and spending the entire session in the wet area (sauna, steam, pool, jacuzzi). There were remarkably few people there to contend with and I was able to 'be alone'. Getting lost in the moment, I was looking forward to just relaxing and letting my mind and body rejuvenate.
I was startled by how many ghostly images were lurking there. I realize that ghosts are everywhere and it should come as no shock to have them so close by. But when trying to 'be alone', to gather my thoughts and wits, it was nonetheless unsettling to perceive a ghostly shape stand up next to you when you're 'alone' in the sauna, for example.
I grumble when someone opens the steam room door wide enough for two people to enter at once, then holds the door open longer than necessary. The nature of the steam is to escape to cooler temperatures. But more recently I shake my head not because of their ignorance of thermodynamics but because of their ignorance of the spirits around them. How do people not notice these things? I see them holding the door open longer than necessary; do they not realize that they're holding the door for a ghost?
And showering with spirits? Not as much fun as it sounds.

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