Wednesday, October 7, 2009

A Polearm of Some Sort

I grew up sharing a bedroom with my brother for about 6 years. When an older sibling went to college, he moved into that vacant bedroom and left me in my bedroom alone. Many nights I thought I heard him coming into the room and crawling into his old bed only to look over and realize he hadn't.
I started to listen to the radio as I was trying to relax and fall asleep. I began this practice on a night that I was particularly frightened (though I no longer recall the reason). The light from the stereo combined with the soothing sounds enabled me to shut out the world around me and concentrate on sleep.
On a particularly scary night, I left the stereo on while I tried to sleep. The volume was low but audible, the light from the radio tuner seemed bright in the darkened room. I was roused from a restless sleep when I heard the closet door open. I assumed my brother was getting something out of the closet but I was quite wrong.
As I peeked toward the closet door I suddenly woke up. A man-sized being in dark shrouds had stepped from the closet and was hovering towards my bed. I shut my eyes and pretended to be asleep, though I am certain my teeth were chattering. My heart, hammering in my chest, would surely betray me.
The being looked like a classical figure of Death: dark whispy cloak, a skull where the face should be, and a polearm of some sort. I could see through it whenever I dared to peek but I could also clearly see it. It took its time reaching the foot of the bed. And it continued to approach, very slowly. Then, it sat on the bed, staring at me the whole time. I could feel the bed indent as it sat. I could feel the sleeve of its arm as it balanced itself on the bed, moving its skull face in towards mine, getting a closer look.
I assumed I was about to die. Not only was Death sitting on my bed, starting to weigh down on me, but my heart was racing, I was sweaty even though the room was cool, and I could swear even the radio was starting to sound like it was very far away.
I don't know how long we stayed like that, me pretending to sleep while this thing just stared at me, but eventually it got up and moved back to the closet. I was so relieved that it was gone that i jumped up and went to get some water. The rest of the house was quiet and dark; no one else seemed to be have noticed? When I braved a return, I had already decided to just leave the stereo on all night even though it hadn't done anything except make that thing more easily visible. But I did manage to laugh a little. The closet door was closed.

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