Tuesday, September 15, 2009

An Early Eerie Episode

Last night, I went for a walk at night. I've mentioned it, I like to walk at night. It's cooler, (usually) quieter, and peaceful. It appeals to me.
As I walked down the street, it seemed quieter than usual. The space felt like it does during Halloween. I can't describe it any other way. Although the street is flat, it had the feeling of going down into a ravine. The air was indescribably alive with ghosts. I felt uneasy as if in the middle of a swarm. I saw something white and opaque land on a nearby rooftop.
I continued to walk down the block. By the end of the block, the feelings of unease were gone. I never felt in danger, more like a crowd of spirits coming after someone, but not me. I should check to see if anyone passed away on that street; perhaps they were getting an escort to another life?
I have mentioned it, the feeling was similar to the feelings I get around October.. it's starting early this year? or a special situation? It bears further investigation.

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